CIEE: the Council on International Educational Exchange is the leading U.S. non-governmental international education organization. Established in 1947, our mission is “to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.”

The CIEE USA High School program has grown to include more than 55 nationalities represented in a group of over 1,300 students each year. CIEE also hosts and manages U.S. governmental grants programs for students who have been selected to participate in the prestigious Congress-Bundestag scholarship, Future Leaders Exchange, YES, and A-SMYLE. Change starts with you – become a CIEE international exchange student, host family, host school, or local coordinator.

Change starts with your family – welcome a CIEE exchange student into your home. Hosting an exchange student is like opening a window to a different world. Your family will not only gain a new family member, you will also learn about a different culture’s values and traditions. Visit our websites for more information:

As a CIEE Local Coordinator you will help your community gain a global perspective and develop international friendships. Visit our websites for more information:

How can we educate future global citizens? Can we raise cultural awareness through textbooks or movies? We at CIEE believe that learning comes from building bridges between cultures to foster mutual understanding between people around the world. Globalize your classrooms by hosting CIEE exchange students at your school.

Have you always wanted to study abroad in the U.S.? Or perhaps you’re an American wanting to scholarship information for our Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program in Germany? What will your story be with CIEE? Visit our websites if you are…