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South Korea Scolarship Program

iNext - CIEE International Travel and Sickness Insurance Details

As a CIEE South Korea Scholarship Program participant, you will be provided with an iNext Travel card for the duration of your study abroad experience, fulfilled through a partnership with Travel Guard®, the world's leading travel insurer.

iNext, a division of CIEE, has been created to meet the increasing insurance needs of U.S. youth studying, working, teaching, and volunteering abroad. This travel insurance is administered by Travel Guard International - PRODUCT NO.: 008078 – P3 09/09. This policy is meant to supplement your private insurance and to provide coverage for the costs of accidents and sicknesses while abroad. Additionally, the policy offers Emergency Evacuation coverage together with a 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Service.

Insurance Information

POLICY #: 008078 – P3 09/09
Travel Guard
3300 Business Park Drive
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482 USA

When calling from abroad, call collect: 1.715.295.5452
When calling from the U.S.: 1.866.385.4839
24-Hour Emergency Assistance: 1.800.826.8597

Please inquire with CIEE to confirm exact dates of coverage for your program. A complete description of the group sickness, accident, and travel insurance policy, including information on filing a claim, is provided with the visa application paperwork.

The iNext group sickness, accident, and travel insurance policy is designed as an additional or supplemental policy only. The policy does not include coverage for routine physical or dental examinations, pre-existing conditions, or preventative medicine. Participants are not covered for injuries resulting from acts of war or other political unrest such as riots and demonstrations.

If you are covered by a personal insurance plan, CIEE recommends that you continue this coverage while abroad. Prior to departure, you should contact your current insurance carrier concerning coverage for accidents, illnesses, and liability cases that occur outside the United States. Check your policy's limitations before making any assumptions about coverage. Most U.S. based insurance companies will not cover property lost or stolen overseas. It is important that you read all policy information carefully and note exactly what coverage is provided; note items that are excluded from coverage. CIEE strongly recommends that coverage, beyond that which is provided as part of the program, is secured and understood by the participant before departure.

To receive more information…

A complete description of coverage is available, click here for more details (pdf). Please read through the coverage benefits and exclusions, noting that pre-existing conditions are not covered by Travel Guard.

Submitting a claim

The insured must call Travel Guard as soon as reasonably possible and be prepared with what coverage the loss was under (i.e. Medical Expense) the trip dates and the amount that the insured paid.

Travel Guard - 1.715.295.5452 or 1.866.385.4839 in the US

When calling from abroad, call collect - 1.715.295.5452

Please have available the telephone number you are calling from in order for the Travel Guard representative to return your call immediately.

Travel Guard Group
3300 Business Park Drive
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482

Liability Insurance

For more information on the Comprehensive Personal Liability coverage, please contact the Portland office at 1-800-40-STUDY (1-800-407-8839).
Health and Safety

CIEE provides supervision and support throughout the program including Yonsei University-appointed chaperones as well as CIEE-appointed chaperones throughout your stay. Participant safety is of the utmost importance to CIEE.
Please know that a knowledgeable staff is closely monitoring all safety and health concerns and does not intend to put participants in potentially harmful situations.

In addition, information concerning any emergency situations can be found here.