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CIEE Support
Services for Students

Upon arrival to the U.S., students on the CIEE USA High School Plus program attend an orientation which prepares them for their experience in the U.S. Arrival orientation activities include informational workshops about living and studying in the U.S., sightseeing tours, accommodations, and meals. After orientation, students travel to their homestay or school communities.

Students receive year-long supervision by CIEE Local Coordinators, offering a second line of personal care beyond the host family or dorm parents. Local Coordinators also organize fun and educational activities for all CIEE students in their area.

The CIEE Portland Office Support Team is also available 24 hours per day for students, host families, and host schools at 1-800-448-9944. Natural parents may contact their in-country representative at any time.

Additional Resources for Students and Families

CIEE wants every student to have a successful exchange experience in the U.S. There are a number of resources available to students, parents, host families, and even schools at any time during the year. Additional information can be found at these useful websites:

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