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Fees & Deadlines

Why Pay a Fee for CIEE Services?

Attending an American private school is a significant investment. This investment will, however, provide a real advantage when it comes to advancing a student’s education. Personal attention and small class size can make all the difference in the learning process. When a student receives a quality education in high school, they are better poised for the college admissions process and well prepared for the challenges of university study.

We do our absolute best to make families aware of the cost of tuition as early in the process as possible. Each school we have partnered with has set their own tuition and fee amount. This amount can change each year. Each school handles the tuition payment arrangements differently and we work with each family to make sure they understand the enrollment process.

In addition to school tuition, CIEE charges a fee for service to each student. CIEE is a non-profit organization and charges only a minimal fee to each family. This CIEE fee is based on the selected school (day or boarding) and will be assessed each year the student enrolls at the school. This fee covers expenses such as health insurance, application fees, local supervision fees, host family placements, student orientations, 24 hour support services, and document processing. This fee varies depending on the needs of the particular student.

Exact cost and fees are determined each year by CIEE and the private institution. For specific program costs contact the in-country representative.


Applications for most schools are accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact your in-country representative for more information