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Boarding Schools

A popular choice for international students is the American boarding school. Boarding schools offer students a unique opportunity to study, reside, and enjoy student life right on the school campus. Boarding schools offer students a sense of tight-knit community that you can’t find anywhere else. One of the benefits of boarding school is that students are constantly surrounded by a learning community. While students spend time with their teachers in the classroom during the day, their teachers also serve as house parents in the dormitories and as coaches on the playing fields.

Students that attend boarding schools are expected to be a bit more mature and independent. Students will typically share their room with one other student and live in dormitories. There are a number of faculty members and their families that live with and care for students as house parents. House parents monitor the students daily and often organize activities for the students to participate in.

Our partner boarding schools offer a variety of activities to international students including musical programs, sports teams, clubs, and field trips. The best way to ensure a student gets the most out of the boarding school experience is to take advantage of the many opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

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